Keil Family: Hans Keyl (Keil)

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We are grateful to Professors Barbara and Hans Keller for their Keil Family genealogical research in Germany and for their translations of 17th, 18th, and 19th century documents. The archival record begins with parish registers, primarily in Fraenkisch-Crumbach. Some additional information has been culled from

This is a 1945 photograph of a former Keil residence at Rodensteiner Street 23, Fraenkisch-Crumbach. There are some 19th and early 20th century portrait photos of Keils and related individuals. Many are unidentified.

Hans Keyl (Keil), b. abt. 1626, married abt. 1651

Mrs. Keyl (maiden name unknown), b. abt. 1630



Hans Keil (Junior) (re)married 09 Jan. 1695

Appollonia Schimpf, b. 27 Jan. 1678, d. 12 May 1746


Index of names: Ahrens, Arras, Axell, Burckhard, Bock, Denger, Dressel, Eckstein, Fornoff (or Tornoff ?), Friedrich, Franck, Gebhard, Germann, Greiner, Gropp, Hahn, Harr,Heist, Heldman, Hotz, Huber,Jackson, Kehmna, Keil, Klein, Lohmann, Luhrs, Nagel, Naas, Neikirk, Orth, Pfeiffer, Rauch, Rebscher, Ripper, Roeder (#1), Roeder (#2), Rohwedder, Schildwachter, Schimpf, Seibert, Sichel, Vetter, Wright, Zehr, Zick.

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